Data Science

ConSalt supports you with a holistic strategy to prepare, reuse and maximize the usefulness of your data.

The Commercialization of Data

The buzzword `Data Management` is on everywhere. Companies are collecting and archiving more and more information (in 2016 alone, 9 billion gigabytes of data were generated worldwide), but they hardly use it in a meaningful and structured way.

The topic of data science is becoming increasingly important in the value-added chain of a business organization. With the right approach, new business models and services can emerge from company data that generate further potential for markets and customers.

Data Science covers all topics, approaches and solutions concerning data.

Filtering information from a flood of data that fits your strategy

The organization of data is key in digitalization. The potential of data science is well recognized, but barriers still exist in many companies. Not only due to the technical infrastructure, but also lack of knowledge, especially on questions such as:

  • Where does data originate?
  • Which channels bring data into the company?
  • Which processes support data processing?
  • Which organizational areas work with which data?
  • How is data analyzed and evaluated correctly?
  • Which scientific methods are used to validate data?
  • Which systems process data?
  • What data can be capitalized?
  • How and where does data enrichment occur?
  • Which data is returned to the market and to the customer via which channels?

We take a holistic approach to the subject of data - based on a data strategy that goes hand in hand with the corporate and digital strategy together with the Teaching and Research Unit for Database Systems and Data Mining at the LMU Munich, Prof. Dr. med. Peer Kröger.

Our Data Science Services

  • Data & process maturity evaluation
  • Data test & data analysis of currently available data
  • Definition or optimization of data strategy
  • Process optimization (data selection, recognition, review process, X-selling, churn avoidance, new customer marketing,
  • Fraud, new customer check, customer value management
  • Data Warehouse Concepts
  • Smart / big data approaches
  • Data validation, data preparation, data enrichment
  • Data architectures, data-IT platforms and data Interfaces
  • Professional coaching in cooperation with the Teaching and Research Unit for Database Systems and Data Mining of LMU Munich, Prof. dr. Peer Kröger
  • Data protection
  • Data Services


Your benefits at a glance

  • Symbiosis - when strategy, processes, technology and data are meaningfully combined
  • Prioritization - When all relevant parameters have the correct significance
  • Change - When data supports processes and processes benefit People
  • Commercialization - When your data turns into potential opportunities for business improvement

Your Contact

Portrait: Michael Bubolz

Michael Bubolz
E-Mail: michael.bubolz[at]
XING: Michael Bubolz on XING

Portrait: Prof. Dr. Peer Kröger

Prof. Dr. Peer Kröger
Data Science Lab
Institute of Computer Science
Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich

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