In today's business world, IT is a core tool for implementing corporate strategy.

Concepts (CIO advisory)

We work with companies to develop and implement needs-based, license-compliant IT deployment concepts that are both practical and cost-effective.

Strategy consulting

Strategy consulting

The most important aspect of an IT strategy is that it aligns with your overall corporate strategy while directly supporting your efforts to achieve the company’s objectives. As every company has its own objectives and challenges, we help you tailor an IT strategy that meets your needs - rather than using “strategy templates”. This helps make solutions more sustainable and makes it easier to break down the overall strategy into components, e.g. for digitization of company processes, IT operations or commissioning and managing IT (cloud) services, IT governance and IT security.

  • IT strategy
  • IT sourcing strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud assessment
  • IT compliance strategy
  • Business continuity planning
Process consulting

Process consulting

The capabilities of your IT organization are determined primarily by the competence of management and staff and their interaction in various workflows. As a rule, multi-step workflows are only as strong as the weakest process. In accordance with this principle, we analyze your organizational IT structure and processes on site, allowing us to make an immediate assessment before discussing our findings with you. Our focus always lies on identifying opportunities for quick improvements in the following areas:

  • IT Service Management (ITSM) according to ITIL
  • Software asset management (SAM)
  • IT operating model (ITOM)
  • Vendor management
  • Cloud enablement
Technology consulting

Technology consulting

The purpose of deploying technologies (hardware and software) or integrating external IT services is to enable, support and streamline the company’s processes. With this in mind, the objective is to identify, assess, select and implement and/or integrate suitable technologies and IT services that meet the requirements of your company. In addition, technologies already in use regularly need to be checked for continued suitability with the aim of updating or replacing them if needed:

  • Technology and business management
  • IT innovation agenda
  • ITSM tool assessment
  • SAM tool assessment
  • Cloud transition
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