License managers’ daily routine is full of time-consuming clarification processes.

SAM Managed Service

We free up license managers by taking over operational license management tasks as a managed service. Thanks to our experience and tools, we can execute these tasks faster and more cheaply.

Data collection

Data collection

Effective Software Asset Management depends on having reliable, i.e. complete and correct data on software in use and software licenses purchased. Without reliable data, all the license managers’ efforts are in vain and all analyses mean zilch (garbage in / garbage out). We know which data are needed and also know where to find them, or how to collect them with the least effort. We are also aware of the limitations of tool-based data collection and have therefore developed manual data collection methods or replacement criteria for the statistically sound derivation of data. Working with you in joint workshops, we design data collection procedures, support your data collection efforts or collect data on your behalf, and ensure that data are validated and filed in a structured way.

  • Tool-based data collection
  • Script-based data collection
  • Manual data collection
  • Quality assurance and con­soli­da­tion of inventory data
Data management

Data management

Managing technical and commercial inventory data matters at all times, not only during SAM projects or license audits. We prepare inventoried data centrally and comprehensibly in such a way that you and/or third parties can make sense of them even after our project deployment has ended. We also offer support in bringing data inventories up to date. The tools and templates we use make it possible to verify and amend data inventories regularly, as well as to export the data into any SAM tool you might use.

  • Digitization of inventory vouchers
  • Standardization of inventory data
  • Tagging of inventory data
  • Archiving of inventory data
Tool management

Tool management

The tools used in Software Asset Management tend to be just as complex as the software products or licenses they manage. They offer numerous branched functionalities, lots of interfaces, substantial amounts of catalog data and complex data matching logic. Tools can be further modified in all areas to fulfil the customer's specific requirements, from the user interface through to the reports. In joint workshops, we establish what your requirements for tools are, assess them and develop recommendations for tool configuration and modification. In close consultation with you and the tool vendors, we implement these requirements. If required, we also take care of running the tools.

  • User account management
  • Data structur management
  • Software catalogue management
  • Update and patch management
  • Incident management


Depending on the size of the company, there may be one or more license managers. The smaller the license management team, the more likely it is that everybody will have to do everything. There is not enough time to specialize on one software vendor or build up expertise in a specific IT infrastructure field. However, when license provisions are not known or there is lacking awareness of how an IT system works, being brave enough to “take a chance” on license management does not pay. Ignorance is no defense when software vendors impose penalties for underlicensing discovered during an audit. Let us help you! Our helpdesk gives you quick access to our license and contract experts, our audit competence team and our SAM specialists.

  • License and contract help­desk
  • Audit hotline
  • SAM Tool 1st level support


License managers spend most of their time on routine tasks, e.g. checking license inventories, consolidating technical inventory data, generating reports or answering licensing questions. This leaves almost no scope for their role as “managers”. Our experience has been that this may be enough to achieve compliance, but other topics receive little or no attention, e.g. optimizing license inventories and agreements, implementing consumption based license reconciliation, and many other strategic topics. We take care of the time-consuming routine tasks of operational license management, giving your license managers space to concentrate on strategic topics. Our team of license management experts and practice-tested procedures generally allow us to complete routine tasks faster and more efficiently compared to your cost structures.

  • Software identification
  • Quality assurance of SAM reports
  • License pool management
  • Software needs planning
  • Analysis and presentation


License management is generally not a core competency of most companies (excepting specialized service providers like us). It does not add value. But ignoring it is risky. License agreements and legal requirements force companies to act responsibly. However, this does not mean that you need to provide the competence required for effective license management in-house or that you have to introduce your own tools. From a cost and risk perspective, it makes sense to entrust us with implementing license management.

  • Support for or implementation of operational license management processes
  • Provision of a SAM service portal
  • Provision of tool-based inventory
  • Support as SAM interim manager
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