Knowing which hardware and software is deployed throughout your company, as well as the licenses you've bought, is essential preparation for when software vendors perform audits.

License audit & License balancing

We help companies capture and qualify the relevant information to allow them to generate and substantiate a sound license position for Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP and other software manufacturers.

Audit prevention

Audit prevention

Working directly with vendors often helps to prevent audits. We have found that active communication is a potential strategy. Depending on requirements, we can present other approaches on site.

  • Audit risk assessment
  • Compliance check
  • Audit simulation
Audit support

Audit support

License audits follow certain rules, but there may also be hidden agendas on the part of the auditors or software vendors as well as requirements which may or may not be based on the contract, but which can positively affect the audit outcome. There are also audit requirements which, if implemented unconditionally, would lead to violations of applicable law. In over 200 license audits, our consultants have worked out what really matters during an audit. On this basis, they have developed a targeted way of dealing with license audits. Our aim is to ensure audits are concluded in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of hassle for all involved.

  • Validation of technical and com­mer­cial inventory
  • Establishing and optimizing the license position
  • Review of audit reports
Audit management

Audit management

Keeping tabs on everything during an audit is a challenge. There are numerous documents to collate, systems to check and interviews to conduct with IT operations, procurement and the legal department. Sometimes the works council has to be involved and the manufacturer of the SAM tool being used has to provide support. In addition, you have to communicate with hardware and software resellers. Figures, data and other information relevant to the audit have to be assessed and the findings prepared in a comprehensible format. In between all these activities you need to liaise with the auditor or the software vendor. We coordinate the entire license audit on your behalf, from responding to the audit notice to negotiating relicensing:

  • Communication management
  • Supporting the auditor / vendor
  • Reconciling audit findings
  • Support in the settlement of audit results
Risik analysis

Risik analysis

When buying a software license or installing software, do you rely on your reseller’s or software vendor’s advice? Do you trust the marketing messages of a SAM tool vendor (“license position at the push of a button”)? Do you consider it sufficient to train your license managers once a year? Do you skip regularly verifying how effective your license management is? Even if you answered none of these questions with “yes”, you probably do not know your actual compliance risk. You probably have a good feeling about it, or maybe a bad feeling. We'll help you replace feelings with certainty. We identify and analyze potential compliance risks, identify the underlying causes and recommend corrective action:

  • Check contractual documentation obligations
  • Identify license risks
  • Analyze unused soft­ware licenses
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
Generating a license position

Generating a license position

A license position is a list of software licenses and software usage. It can be seen as the interface between operational and strategic Software Asset Management: information such as inventory or contract data can be reconciled. Deficits can be assessed and the required purchases initiated. Unused licenses can be “parked” and assigned as needed at a later stage. A license position also provides valuable strategic decision guidance. “Which software are people actually using?”, “Which agreements allow licenses to be obtained?”, “When do agreements have to be renewed?” or “Is software maintenance needed?” are all questions which your license position can help answer.

  • Capture and rate commercial and technical inventory
  • Design a cost-optimized license position
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