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ConSalt is a people-centered business whose main focus lies on customers, partners and employees. We respect and accept their wishes, experiences and peculiarities.

Frank Salz (CEO)

Whenever I'm asked why I started a company a thousand reasons come to mind.

I wanted to be free to build a company in collaboration with other people, to act as an out-of-the-box thinker, to develop my own company culture and to develop customer solutions with a diverse group of co-workers.

In the end, what matters is this: if you get the right people to work together, you get great solutions.

I first encountered Software Asset Management in 1998. At the time it was all about understanding what had been installed on a company’s systems, by whom and for what reason. At the time, license rights were not really top of mind. The general attitude was: “We’ve got an agreement with the vendor, so we can use all of it.”

Since then a lot has happened. Working as a consultant on enterprise projects, as a director at a SAM tool vendor, in management at a software reseller and as an interim manager on contract management opened up different perspectives on the question.

In the end it was all about using software in a way that addressed the company's requirements, while being compliant with license provisions and as cost-effective as possible. Software Asset Management is the basis for achieving that – nothing more and nothing less.

The real challenge lies in building a strategy and generating added value for a company from this basis. In the past the topic received one-sided treatment because of compliance discussions and pressure from the vendors. Whereas today the debate centers on per device vs. per user licensing and on the cloud, I expect the focus to shift to the economic value of software usage patterns in companies soon. Key topics will include holistic approaches to the software life cycle and compliance management. I’m motivated and driven by the desire to support customers in getting the most value out of their software.

Does this leave room for anything else? Of course! In addition to my wife, to whom I've been married since 1997, there are our two daughters, 13 and 16 years old.

My remaining time is taken up with sports, volunteering and photography.

Portrait of Frank Salz
Frank Salz, CEO
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